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What's good, digital?: GoT, Spotify and Moving to Canada?

July 25th, 2017 Posted by Red2 Knowledge, Red2 Updates, WGD 0 comments on “What's good, digital?: GoT, Spotify and Moving to Canada?”

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Who’s winning? Who’s losing?

With Game of Thrones season 7 premiering last week, it looks like every brand is trying to jump on the bandwagon. KFC made a lasting impression with a GoT themed TVC featuring their new product: chicken and rice.

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Keeping up with the digital changes

Facebook rolled out Messenger Ads and brands can now create ads to appear in your inbox. Fret not, you will also have the options to hide and report ads as you deem! Currently available in beta mode in Australia and Thailand. We wonder when they will hit Vietnam’s shores!


A little insight goes a long way!

Spotify has finally launched a service catered for advertisers – Spotify for Brands! It analyses users’ playlists and gather data about their personality, in return, Spotify would offer a playlist personalised for the users. Advertisers can optimize these data to target users based on their music taste i.e. a cooking enthusiast, a parent. How cool is Spotify building a people-based marketing strategy through your music playlist?

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Awesome digital case studies

Each week we’ll be drawing inspiration from some cool case studies with great ideas or smart uses of digital tactics. Check out two awesome Webby-winning campaigns from Qantas & Doctors of the World!

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