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What's good, digital?: Dog sauce, Facebook AI & gender switching VR?

August 4th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “What's good, digital?: Dog sauce, Facebook AI & gender switching VR?”

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Who’s winning? Who’s losing?

Chicagoan believes that putting ketchup on hot dogs is a cardinal sin. So what did Heinz do to change this long-lasting perception? Let’s watch and find out!

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Keeping up with the digital changes

In order to crack down clickbaits and misrepresentative content, Facebook is restricting the rights to modify link preview to media publishers only, starting 18 July. While we are still unsure who are qualified as media publishers, we do know that brands need to first “own”or be associated with the domain and second, to authorize their pages before 17 September to modify link preview.


More: Facebook groups are able to be created under a page’s administration

Awesome Case Studies

This week’s Awesome Case Studies features Okamoto, a condom brand from Japan and Netflix Turkey. They both utilized local insights to create awe-inspiring campaigns to tackle cultural challenges. Get ready to be blown away by the videos below!


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