What's good, Digital?: Black is beautiful, sponsored GIF & automobiles showdown

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Who’s winning? Who’s losing?


How often do you see The Rock rocking his day with an endless list of to-dos? No no, Fast and Furious doesn’t count. If you’re hungry (literally) and aspired to be a multitasker like him, come smell what the Rock is cooking with Siri!

More: P&G showcased powerful conversations of Black parents in America have long had to have “the talk” with their children. My Black is Beautiful takes on racial bias, a group started in 2006 to spark a broader dialogue about black beauty.


Having lost millions of ringgit over failed marketing, Datuk Seri Vida, 44-year-old lady boss of Vida Beauty often stars in her own cosmetic brand’s TVC. Why? She claims she trusts no one but herself to write and star in Vida Beauty’s advertisement. Unfortunately, DSV’s best-selling products of cosmetics were recently banned by the Health Ministry in Malaysia on safety grounds, urging the public to refrain from using several cosmetic products as they contain scheduled poisons. Yikes!

Keeping up with the digital changes

facebook-stories-share-publicly1 Facebook Stories unlocks public sharing

facebook-camera-platform1Facebook Camera Effects platform

A little insight goes a long way

Facebook has just announced its community update for Q3 of 2017. Are you part of the Instagram’s 250 million squad?


GIF is getting increasingly popular as millenial’s favorite way to express feelings, just after Emojis. Hence, sponsored GIF is inevitable and this means that users who search for GIFs may be served a sponsored GIF within the messaging tab.

Talking tech is one thing, but have you tried cooking tech? Yes! Buzzfeed is rolling out their new Tasty One Top, an idiot proof cooking stove that connects to Buzzfeed’s newly launched cooking app, Tasty. The stove is predicted to be a hit among millennials since we’re pretty much foodie minus the actual investment in cooking, plus that pentagon shape is pretty much because Instagram.

Awesome case studies

In this week’s curation of great case studies, we bring  you an automobile showdown between Acura, Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes. One wins with AR technology, while the other two created very compelling stories. Watch and decide which one is your favorite?!


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