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Amazon in SEA: the biggest opportunity is yet to come

September 22nd, 2017 Posted by Red2 Knowledge, Social Media, Uncategorized 0 comments on “Amazon in SEA: the biggest opportunity is yet to come”

As new market entries go, Amazon’s move into Southeast Asia has been hard to ignore.

The e-commerce giant has been seen as both an opportunity and a threat: a proven partner of choice or a competitor that’ll put local retailers on the back foot. But retail is only one part of Amazon’s business – and for marketers there could be an even greater opportunity here.


In the States and Europe, we’ve already seen some lucrative brand partnerships emerging. These partnerships are about more than selling through the platform though, like L’Oréal, who have moved parts of their Search budget to Amazon. And it’s understandable: with 55% of all product searches now starting on Amazon alone, it pays to have your brand front and centre.


Crucially, it’s not just the big names that are marketing themselves through Amazon either. Smaller brands – and even individual products – are getting in on the act. And I expect it won’t be long before we’re seeing the same in Southeast Asia.

But why is this such a big opportunity, and what should we do about it?

Data, data, data

It starts with data: Amazon isn’t just an online retailer.

Of course, if you want to sell merchandise directly through Amazon, you can. But marketers can also use their data to drive sales. Amazon’s data is a goldmine, because it’s incredibly specific and targeted – all because Amazon’s users are actively looking to buy.

The best way to show this is to compare Amazon’s competitors: Facebook and Google.


Sure, they have vast amounts of data (especially when it comes to what people are interested in or searching for). But when it comes to the quality of the data, Amazon wins hands down. That’s because Amazon knows what they’re searching for and what they actually buy and how they are doing it. After all, actions always speak louder than words. And, here, Amazon can close the loop.

Throw into the mix Amazon’s cross-platform capabilities – combined with Search and Display on its site, app and platforms – and you can start to see why digital marketers have been getting excited.

Hello human insights

But this is only touching the surface. Another exciting part of Amazon’s unique proposition is what’s yet to come.

When I said Amazon does not just focus on e-commerce, I meant it. Think about Prime, Kindle and Echo to name just a few. Amazon is a truly digital company – and it’s just getting started.


Take Echo for instance. Voice Search is becoming a part of everyday life and, because of the detailed insights it offers, it’s set to become a valuable part of the marketer’s arsenal.

This isn’t just about suggesting products or Voice SEO, but a better understanding of customers: their demographics, attitudes and, even, the tone of their questions.

Scary? Absolutely. But it’s an absolute goldmine for marketers everywhere.


And, the best part about it, we’re yet to see the true potential of this and Amazon’s other platforms. Each could feature in our marketing mix – and sooner than we think, if Amazon’s record is anything to go by.


After all, they’ve already revolutionised e-commerce. Now Amazon could do the same for digital marketing.

Luke Janich is CEO of RED²

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What's good, digital?: Dog sauce, Facebook AI & gender switching VR?

August 4th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “What's good, digital?: Dog sauce, Facebook AI & gender switching VR?”

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Who’s winning? Who’s losing?

Chicagoan believes that putting ketchup on hot dogs is a cardinal sin. So what did Heinz do to change this long-lasting perception? Let’s watch and find out!

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Keeping up with the digital changes

In order to crack down clickbaits and misrepresentative content, Facebook is restricting the rights to modify link preview to media publishers only, starting 18 July. While we are still unsure who are qualified as media publishers, we do know that brands need to first “own”or be associated with the domain and second, to authorize their pages before 17 September to modify link preview.


More: Facebook groups are able to be created under a page’s administration

Awesome Case Studies

This week’s Awesome Case Studies features Okamoto, a condom brand from Japan and Netflix Turkey. They both utilized local insights to create awe-inspiring campaigns to tackle cultural challenges. Get ready to be blown away by the videos below!


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Reebok appoints Red2 Digital as official social media agency in 6 SEA markets

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “Reebok appoints Red2 Digital as official social media agency in 6 SEA markets”

RED² Digital has been appointed as Reebok’s social media agency of record for six markets across Southeast Asia. This includes all social media responsibilities for Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The appointment came about following a competitive, multi-agency pitch with no incumbent and RED²’s Ho Chi Minh City office will take the lead on the account.

Headquartered in Boston in the United States, Reebok is looking beyond the US and Europe to increase its presence in the APAC region. By putting a passion for fitness at the heart of the brand, Reebok has grown into a global icon. They’re now looking to make an impact in the lucrative Southeast Asian market.

“We believe in the potential of fitness to transform lives – and we want to inspire even more people to take the first step on that journey. For many, that journey starts on digital and social media”, said Henry Quek, Commercial Director SEAPAC.

He added, “Reebok’s vision is captured in our Be More Human platform. It’s a movement of like-minded individuals who have chosen to embrace fitness and all that it bestows. For us, fitness is more than a physical activity to improve the body. By pushing ourselves to the brink and testing our limitations, we become better partners, leaders, parents – and better humans.”

He noted the importance of an agency partner that understands the passion and flexibility demanded by one of the world’s leading fitness brands – as well as today’s digital and social media landscape. “RED² shares our vision and complements our high-performance culture. It’s this ambition that makes Reebok, Reebok”, he added.

As the social media agency of record, RED² will handle all of Reebok’s social media marketing activities. From content creation and creative development through to cutting-edge analytics and CRM across the six markets.

Luke Janich, CEO of RED², said, “We’ve seen Reebok’s global footprint increase over the past few years and, to build on this we’re excited to have been chosen to work with a brand that’s as international and iconic as Reebok. The promise of social media is that we can talk to exactly the right people at the right time. In partnership with Reebok, we’re going to build an active and engaged community around their brand – and we’re looking forward to being part of the adventure.”

Oliver Woods, RED²’s Director of Digital and Social Strategy, added, “Reebok’s brand resonated with all of us: the rich heritage, great products and the uplifting Be More Human platform. Our focus now is to bring out our excitement and passion in the work we deliver around the region.”

The first campaigns went live in June 2017.